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Copywriter - Digital Marketer

Specializing in SEO and website copywriting for creatives to boost online visibility and commitment.

Spend your time on what really matters and leave the copywriting and SEO to us.

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Hi, I'm Derrick Kanda


Entrepreneur Crypto lover, word obsessed, SEO Contractor Copywriter - Digital Marketer,

dedicated to helping passionate business owners achieve their goals through persuasive writing and effective SEO strategies.

Assignment to assist CEOs in engaging with their online audience through compelling copywriting and targeted SEO, freeing up time to pursue their passions, increase conversions, and grow their income.


In 2022, I established Derriwriter - Copywriting, SEO Services & Growth Consultant because I recognized a gap in the market.


There were services that catered solely to copywriting and others that focused entirely on SEO, but few that integrated both.

As we all know, digital marketing is crucial for businesses that want to reach and convert audiences online. However, it requires a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all aspects of online visibility, including SEO and copywriting.

Without SEO, your website may be buried beneath the thousands of pages on the internet, no matter how compelling your copy is.


Conversely, without a well-crafted copy, even a website that ranks well on search engines may struggle to attract and retain visitors.

That's where my services come in.


By offering both copywriting and SEO,I empower businesses with the tools they need to rank well and convert visitors. My goal is to help businesses, particularly CEOs, connect with their audiences through engaging copywriting and strategic SEO.

By refining messaging and elevating SEO, businesses have a better opportunity to reach their target customers, make more sales, and ultimately achieve their goals.

Today, I work with amazing businesses of every size, partnering with them to create meaningful connections with their audiences, generate more leads, and increase revenue.

Why I'm the right fit for you

  • I believe in a comprehensive approach to marketing, which requires two key elements for success: impactful messaging that connects with your ideal audience and strategic SEO to maximize visibility.

  • My philosophy on marketing is rooted in a two-pronged approach: crafting compelling messaging that speaks to your audience and implementing savvy SEO strategies to increase your online presence.

  • To me, effective marketing requires a dual focus on crafting compelling messaging that resonates with your target audience and implementing strategic SEO tactics to boost your online visibility.

  • I take a holistic approach to marketing, recognizing the critical importance of both compelling messaging that speaks to your ideal customers and strategic SEO to ensure that your message is reaching the right people.

How I work

The estimated completion time for website copywriting and SEO services is 4-6 weeks


To create sales-worthy copy, it's essential to gain a thorough understanding of your ideal client, business goals, and what makes you unique.


Research will help
me pin-point how to create copy that positions you in the space, speaks to your audience, and converts.


My forte is creating persuasive text that captivates! You can expect to receive straightforward, succinct, and personality-driven content for all pages of your website.


If you want your website to attract leads, it must be discoverable! Employing SEO tactics will place you in the most favorable position to rank highly online.

Are you prepared for concise, persuasive writing that drives results?

Use the button below to set up a free call to discuss an SEO or copywriting project!

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